241 Adelaide Residence, Santa Monica        Built in 1988 and situated along the rim of Santa Monica Canyon, 241 Adelaide is reminiscent of a Mediterranean hill town.  The entry wall of the house, along a narrow shared driveway, consists only of plaster and a pair of carved wood doors.  Opened, the doors frame a view of the canyon beyond with its ever-changing panorama of colors and clouds.  Inside is a narrow courtyard and patio separating the main house and guesthouse.  The two pavilions rest on a narrow ledge overlooking the canyon, surrounded by mountain and ocean views. This 1,800 square foot house features a large living, dining, kitchen, and library area with a sculpted spiral staircase of plaster and slate leading to the master bedroom above. Conceived as a modern hacienda, natural materials connect the house to its dramatic site.  Slate floors are continuous throughout the interior and exterior, and finely crafted wood windows, doors, trellises and cabinets, along with deep yellow plaster walls add warmth to the interior.  The project was designed with the flexibility to add a playroom and bedrooms at the basement level, all opening onto the sloping rear yard.