American Society of Cinematographers     We set out to create a modern metaphor for the original Hollywood studios with the backlot streets, barrel vault roofs over sound stages, studio cafeteria, and small craftsman office cottages. We also wanted to recapture the courtyards and citrus groves that were and should continue to be part of our Sothern California environment. At the same time we wanted to pay homage to this really wonderful clubhouse building that's been the center of the society for 70 years.

A long curving wall defines and echoes the "backlot" street while acting as a foil to both embrace and separate old and new. The village of new, small office buildings, dining room and screeening facility is sensitive to and will relate well to surrounding apartments and apartment hotels. These buildings will be separated by courtyards reminiscent of our early hacienda "manana" lifestyle and complementing the 1903 Spanish Mission design. Having a dedicated client, an inspirational history, and a challenging site is a wonderful mix for an architect.