Carolwood Condominium,  West Hollywood          A townhouse community built in 1978 in a relatively dense and busy area of West Hollywood, uses the sloping site to provide views of the city and the Hollywood Hills.

At 40 units/acre, the relationship of stepped 2-story wood townhouses and 4-story brick buildings takes maximum advantage of panoramic views and leaves enough space for an interior urban park environment. The use of natural materials - wood and brick - mediates between architecture and landscape.

32 of the 36 units are either townhouses with ground floor patios or two level penthouses with mezzanine master bedrooms opening onto roof gardens. The 4-story building has an outdoor courtyard for a lobby with overhead trellis-covered walkways having views of the city, in contrast to enclosed corridors. Use of glass bays and corner windows takes advantage of views and provides a unifying element between the two building types.