Center for Early Education,West Hollywood, CA         CEE is a unique educational campus combining 500 toddler, nursery, kindergarten, and elementary children with a fully accredited college for teacher training on a small urban site (40,000 s.f.) which uses 95% of the site area including rooftops for playground space.

With a limited budget of $3,500,000, the design recalls the imagery of a traditional red-brick schoolhouse and creates a laboratory to stimulate the learning process. A perimeter brick wall blends old and new buildings. The entrance/bus shelter recalls a country schoolhouse. Small scale elements terrace at different levels to reduce building mass and varying colors and materials create a scale familiar to elementary age children. A clocktower anchors the central outdoor circulation connecting four classroom levels with three playground levels.

In recycling the 27 year old school site, a two-story 16,000 s.f. brick building was retained and remodeled, and a three-story 25,000 s.f. classroom building and a 27,000 s.f. 88 car subterranean garage were added. Two rooftop playgrounds combine with 3 ground-level play areas creating multiple recreation spaces to meet the needs of five different age groups. In addition to play space, rooftop areas are designed as classrooms for urban geography, hydroponics and astronomy with the use of greenhouses, windsocks, sundials and telescopes.