Coleman Residence, Malibu        A seaside compound stands in contrast to typical oceanfront houses where two-story volumes push to both property lines. The Ushaped house with its gabled roofs surrounds a courtyard while acting as a buffer to the large, overbearing house to the east.

The 4300 square foot house serves as a weekend and summerhouse for a family of four. The courtyard becomes an outdoor room for living/dining and family areas. A raised wall and trellis protects from winds and provides privacy from future development on the vacant lot to the west, while still allowing full use of the grassed area for two small children. The V shaped plan and detached guesthouse creates three distinct zones for parents, children and guests and takes maximum advantage of cross ventilation and views. Level changes and gates create a sense of arrival with the courtyard serving as a connection from the street to ocean.

The separate guesthouse provides romance and privacy in addition to ocean and mountain views for visiting family from the east. Simplicity of materials and repetitive forms used indoors and out, dissolves boundaries and expands space in response to the warmth and sunlight of the temperate climate.