Esplanade Village, Redondo Beach           The high density (105 units on a 1.2 acre site) utilizes both a design and construction system made up of:

1) a single U-shaped apartment plan giving eight variations of one and two bedroom and efficiency units,

2) stepped buildings which provide each unit with an ocean view, and

3) a circulation system, perpendicular to the building orientation, which maximizes privacy and provides private patio entrances to "uphill" units.

This design system emphasizes privacy, ocean views, and indoor/outdoor living with every room oriented to a private deck. The exterior massing creates a "village" character and, with its "esplanade" circulation of terraced walkways and open corridors, results in a sense of place and community.

The construction system uses repetitive kitchen and bathroom cores throughout which back up to central party walls. All structural framing is perpendicular to the party walls, allowing easy installation of utility lines.