Y. Rabin Hillel Center, UCLA Westwood, CA      The Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center will serve as the foundation stone for the revitalization of the Jewish Community on the UCLA campus. It is the first building ever at UCLA fully dedicated to fulfilling the needs of Jewish students, faculty, and staff and bears the name of a heroic leader who lost his life in the pursuit of peace.

The 3-story, 28,000 square foot building designed in conjunction with WWCOT fits tightly on a long, narrow site. To minimize the height of the structure, the 3rd floor is expressed as a pavilion resting on a 2-story base. Slotted windows on the facade further obscure the height and number of floors. The massing also attempts to reflect the scale of the adjacent chuch to the south. The street facade of Jerusalem stone along with the arched courtyard entry, carved structure, and slotted windows reflects its eastern Mediterranean heritage. 1st floor spaces open onto a streetside plaza and together with the 3rd floor library patio animate the building and provide a connection to the streetlife of the campus.