Jewish Community Campus of the Desert, Palm Desert         This 95,000 sq.ft. community center on a 10 acre campus in the Palm Desert is designed to be built in phases. Shaded walkways and passages will connect three distinct recreational, cultural, and educational clusters or neighborhoods. A diagonal walkway focuses on a distant view of the San Jacinto mountains and leads you to a central commons and amphitheatre with a free standing gallery dedicated to the Holocaust. Second story walkways and patios lend a village character to the complex. Exterior designs reflect a strong play of light and shade and a simplicity and contrast of sculpted forms. Earth colors and tactile qualities of materials will combine with natural desert landscape and biblical gardens. Inside, vaulted wood ceiling and painted murals will recall 5,700 years of Jewish heritage. The recreational village includes a gym, pools, fi tness rooms, a snack bar, and the Jewish Federation office. Cultural facilities include an auditorium and dining room, library, senior and youth lounge, art, dance, music, and campus rooms along with general meeting rooms. The educational village includes 12 pre-school classrooms, a daycare/kindergym, administrative office and playgrounds. By blending recreational, cultural, and educational facilities, this will be a community center for young and old. By creating possibilities for exploration and discovery, the environment will reflect a personal search for truth and knowledge central to Judaism.