La Costa Beach, Malibu          On a small lot within a dense beachfront community, there was a need to create the perception of spaciousness and privacy while maintaining a beachfront scale and character.

The 40 ft. x 80 ft. site is typical of properties along the Malibu beach. The entry court with its perimeter wall and blue bamboo hedge buffers traffic noise while a turntable provides relief from backing onto the high speed Pacific Coast Highway.

On this small site, the design builds on the layering and contrast of walls and materials in a sequence of outdoor and indoor spaces, visually expanded by continuous sandstone flooring. The house is also about color, texture and light. Blue and green colors pick up the ocean and sky. The mix of materials includes copper gates, polished and sandblasted glass tile, rough red sandstone, wood cabinetry, diamond plate metal stair and railings, fiberglass garage door and Kalwal roof.

All rooms are clustered around the central skylit interior court which ties the 3-floors together while providing a constant change of environment as well as soft light and openness in the small, narrow spaces below. Further privacy is afforded with use of roof decks, glass that turns opaque at the flip of a switch, and the random placement of windows providing different vignettes of the coastal hillside.