Lagstein Residence, Las Vegas          Las Vegas is an oasis of neon lights and casinos in the stark and arid high desert.  Two story box houses use borrowed cosmetic Mediterranean design.Our design modifies this picture with an indigenous response to site and climatic issues.  It borrows a centuries-old tradition of courtyard housing with its shade and shelter from high desert winds.  A curved entry wall of Nevada flagstone hints at mysteries within and a relaxed “manana” lifestyle in the sun.  Indoor-outdoor flow is symbolized by a watercourse running through the courtyard, central hallway, and out to the terrace and pool beyond.  “Outdoor rooms” at the entry court and pool and deck areas extend indoor living spaces while first and second floor “swing rooms” accommodate changing family composition and patterns. The design also stresses environmental issues.  The coolness of water absorbs heat and provides humidity, while stone paving and west facing masonry walls take in heat by day and radiate it at night when desert air quickly cools.  Xeriscape and fogging systems also make dramatic but judicious use of water.