24955 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu CA     Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the 20,500 sq.ft. office development sits on a sloping 1.5 acre site. Its stepped silhouette in form and texture ties to the hillside while leaving views of ridgelines undisturbed from the highway. The village environment with its penthouse lofts and pavilions caters to small users who make up the Malibu market.

Color and tactile qualities of both building materials and landscape, stark and severe, establish an exciting tension. Unpainted plaster, wood beam ceilings and concrete pavers contrast to reflective surfaces of aluminum wall panels, stainless steel rails, green-tinted glass and galvanized metal roofing. Native drought-tolerant landscape was selected for its grey green coloring relating to ocean, mountain, and structure. Recycled graywater through evaporative transpiration further reduces irrigation requirements.

The architect acted as developer and contractor. In contrast to significant vacancy rates in Malibu, the building has been 100% leased since its completion in 1988.