GOLDMAN FIRTH ROSSI  ARCHITECTS is a ten person architectural, planning and development firm located in Malibu, California.

Our firm has received forty-eight civic, state, national  and international awards for our commercial, institutional and residential designs.

Qualities fundamental to our design include natural light, simplicity of materials and forms used indoors and out, layered space and exterior design sensitive to site and climate. Balancing the clients program, budget and schedule, we draw upon our extensive background in development and construction to achieve quality design within practical costs.

Our INSTITUTIONAL work has been recognized by both state and local chapters of the AIA. "In cities where buildings often shimmer and shout for attention, the Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute feels like an oasis that quietly beckons; it makes maximum use of a minimum budget," said Charles Moore, FAIA in giving it an LA/AIA award.

The OFFICE building at 24955 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, has received five major design awards and was described by a jury of peers as being "an elegant and original Modernist-styled clustered village sensitively sited, engagingly massed, and using industrial materials which harmonize well with the native landscape." (Henry Cobb, FAIA of I.M. Pei Partners)

Our PLANNING solutions integrate residential, commercial and civic uses at a time when cities face an increasing crisis in traffic, cost, environment and identity. We emphasize human scale and pedestrian activity in mixed-use communities that address human needs and ecological concerns.Our study for the revitalization of South-Central Los Angeles identifies obsolete or under-utilized resources to provide stronger neighborhood structure, identity and accessibility.

Recognized by Architectural Record as APARTMENT of the year, Esplanade Village was described as "having a very inviting character due to its careful siting and massing creating an important sense of place and also of community."

Our SINGLE FAMILY housing has been described as a "fusion of art, architecture and natural beauty." (L.A. Style, June 1990) The 1992 New American Home, for the National Home Builders Convention in Las Vegas, was described as "building on the forces of nature - wind, sun and water - in comfortably combining centuries old tradition of courtyard housing with current technology in a decade of environmental and resource consciousness." (Builder Magazine, January 1992)

RON GOLDMAN, FAIA is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and studied architecture and planning at Princeton University (1961) and M.I.T. (1963).

ROBERT A. FIRTH, AIA has been associated with Ron Goldman for  36 years and a partner for 26 years. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Arizona State University (1970)

LINO ROSSI , AIA has been with Goldman - Firth - Rossi since 1988 and partner since 2003. He received a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Florence, Italy, in 1977.