South Central Los Angeles          This planning project explores the reshaping of neighborhoods by recycling urban infrastructure.Los Angeles is rich with under-utilized city-owned resources such as partially vacant public buildings or abandoned housing, unused right-of-ways and easements, or excess streets in gridded subdivisions.Recycling these resources can be self-financing and create jobs.


Five resources were identified in this 88 sq. block South -Central Los Angeles neighborhood :

1. A boarded and graffiti-covered library within a park can be converted to a daycare and community center.

2. A four block long utility right-of way would become a community vegetable garden.

3. A burned-out lot is used for an open-air shopping bazaar.

4. Rehabing abandoned housing provides a substantial pool of work and revenue.

5. Excess streets provide the key for financing these neighborhood improvements. Streets not necessary for cars or emergency access provide an extensive resource for converting an automobile network to a social and recreational connection both within and between neighborhoods. Connecting neighborhoods will recreationally provide a network of greenbelts critical in a city of few parks. Socially, a network of community centers and streets will bring people together rather than separating. Economically, existing infrastructure can generate jobs from the creation of housing sites and marketplaces and train a workforce living and working within its own neighborhood. Politically, empowering people rather than imposing solutions.