Spirituality  for  Kids  Academy  I , Los Angeles, CA          38,000 sq. ft. of pre-school and grade school classrooms, 1st - 8th grades, along with a library, gym, special purpose and administration areas will all be clustered around courtyard and rooftop playgrounds on a tight 20,000 sq. ft. site in a dense urban area of Los Angeles. A 40,000 sq. ft. two-level garage will provide a continuous drop-off and pickup driving aisle separate from the narrow congested boulevard above. The school will adjoin an existing 16,000 sq. ft. synagogue and classroom building on the corner.

The design provides both openness and privacy on the compact site with the majority of classrooms having beneficial southern exposure. Clusters of classrooms open to terraced walkways and arbors, avoiding interior corridors and creating a scale friendly to elementary age children. Rooftop playgrounds will have multiple recreation spaces to meet the needs of different age groups. Landscaped arbors and varying building heights orient to west and south sunlight and provide a warm and welcoming street identity.