Veteran's Parkway & Los Angeles National Cemetery           A long neglected, one mile stretch of Wilshire Boulevard will become Veterans Parkway - a place of national meaning and significance. At either end of the parkway, 48 foot Canary Island Palms, standing like sentinels, will border granite paved plazas and crosswalks and form the gateways to Veterans Parkway. A third gateway will be established for those entering from the freeway by winding through a grove of Jacaranda trees. The tree lined and shaded parkway will link governmental, cultural and recreational uses, and include the beautification of the Los Angeles National Cemetery.

A master plan for the 540 acre site, the largest open space on the westside of Los Angeles, will honor veterans by providing a self-sustaining park for the 21st century - a place of history and education for young and old while at the same time providing jobs for veterans and income for the local Veteran's Administration.